Back At It

At one point in my life, running was my life. Until it wasn’t. From a combination of over-training, under-fueling, and weak bones, I developed a serious stress fracture in my pubic ramus in December of 2010. In one of the worst places possible. In a place that can take forever to heal. And, it did. I had a very long road to recovery (that  I’m still walking on) involving misdiagnosis, multiple doctors, bed rest, crutches, and many many bouts of physical therapy.


My time off from running taught me a lot, first and foremost that running is a gift, it something to be thankful for. And, our bodies are not indestructible, no matter how young or thin or fit we are. Two and a half years later, I am finally (FINALLY) back at it but with a new mentality.


Gone are the days of back to back runs. While it works for some people, my body is simply to able to endure those at this point in time. I’ve learned to embrace cross-training.


Gone are the days of under fueling, a lesson I needed to learn. If you want your body to endure something like running, you have to take care of it and nourish it and strengthen it.


Since been given the OK to get back to it and then waiting until my BODY told me it was Ok, I’ve increased my mileage slowly and, most importantly, listened to my body. And my reward?


That’s right. 5 miles. Otherwise known as the longest run since the diagnosis of my stress fracture.

To some, 5 miles is nothing.


To me? It’s the world.