What I’ve Been Eating

Or, AKA What I Ate Wednesday… plus some.

My apologies for the lack of posting the past few days.. chalk it up to it being the last week and a half of my summer class. Or, as I like to call it, cram as many papers and projects into as few days as possible. Otherwise known as, my life until further notice.

july 30 001

A yogurt mess with lemon Chobani and plain oats

july 30 002

Homemade gluten free blueberry pancakes

july 30 003

They might not have turned out.. aesthetically perfect but the taste? Perfection.

july 30 004

A whole wheat bagel thin topped with (new to me) Cinnamon Laughing Cow Cheese.

july 30 006

Along with some protein in the form of string cheese and deli turkey. Brain Fuel.

july 30 007

Homemade spaghetti with turkey instead of beef.

july 30 008

Perhaps my favorite meal of all time?

july 30 011

Comfort food at its finest.

july 30 013

My latest go to breakfast.. Special K Fruit and yogurt with a banana

july 30 014

And finally, dinner tonight started off with a glass of this, one of the most delicious red wines I’ve ever had.

july 30 015

With salmon, fresh corn, and oven fried green tomatoes.

july 30 016

july 30 020

And now, back to the grind…

Any other students feel my pain?!