A New Start

Many of you guys may remember me from my past blog, The Process of Healing. If so, I’m glad to be back! For new readers, thank you for stopping by! (And I do hope you come again)

The reason for this shiny new blog? To put it simply, I’m not the same person I was when I started The Process of Healing, nor am I in place, literally and figuratively. I started out The Process of Healing living in my hometown, a timid quiet girl who had no idea how the next 2 1/1 years would make her a determined and stronger person, who pursues her goals relentlessly, in a new town where she has a new start. Yet, here I am! Ready for this new start? Absolutely.

On New Girl, New City, you will find recipes, daily eats, random musings, among other things. And I will explain the why’s, how’s, and where’s behind the new city in coming posts. Here’s to a new start!


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